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Macaron Ranking

Best Choice Soirette Soirette’s macarons are wonderful little bites of airiness and flavor, and lovingly made from the finest ingredients. Delicate almond meringue shells are filled with ganache or flavoured buttercream and handcrafted in the traditional French style to bring you a classic line of macaron flavours available year-round, and special seasonal flavours that change […]

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California Fun Time with Fresh Live Crab Madness

It is lucky of us Vancouverites to be able to enjoy all different types of cuisine at top level ratings. After all, Vancouver’s seafood restaurants are the best of the bests! Here is a new and better way of enjoying the favorites. How about try eating like a barbarian, using your bare hands, cracking open […]

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A must on table: KOREAN Hot Soup

A must on table: KOREAN Hot Soup Did you know Korean always eat their meal with a hot soup, the traditional way of the Korean dining always include kimchi, rice, and a hot soup. Therefore, for Korean, there are many different kinds of hot soup. Klip magazine is going to introduces some of our selection […]

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