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Toronto KLIP May (3rd Issue) Now Published!


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相約戶外五月天,郊遊踏青新選擇 A Lesson For The Soul : Pathways on Pleasure Valley

還記得小時候聽的童話故事,結局總是告訴我們 「從此以後,公主與王子永遠過著幸福快樂的日子在這美麗的國度裡!」但是直到現在,那美麗的國度對大多數的我們來講,都還只是天馬行空的想像。Pathways on Pleasure Valley,如同它的中文直譯般,為所有即將遠道而來的訪客們的快樂谷,讓美麗國度真實呈現! (more…)

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Papa Chang’s 最物超所值的台灣味

Let’s Have Some Taiwanese Night Market Food 平日中午12點半,小巧玲瓏的Papa Chang’s早已高朋滿座,只見每桌都擺滿了各式知名台灣小吃,滷肉飯、牛肉麵、大腸麵線及蛋餅搭配一杯冰涼的珍珠奶茶,時空彷彿瞬間被拉回台灣,人人手裡都捧著剛剛才從夜市買來的戰利品大口享用著。 (more…)

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HIRING – KLIP magazine

クリエイティブな仕事に興味のある人! KLIPマガジンを一緒につくろう! 営業 Hour : フルタイム / 月~金 (10am to 6pm) Experience: 経験者優遇 Requirement: 英語力必須   グラフィック、ウェブデザイナー Hour : フルタイム / 月~金 (10am to 6pm) Experience: 最低1~2年の経験者 Requirement: Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign (Dreamweaver, WordPress) が使える方   配達 KLIP発行後にKLIPを配達してもらうお仕事です。 Hour : 1~2日/月々 車を持っている方 Let’s Make KLIP mgazine Together!! Sales Hour : Full time / Mon -Fri (10am […]

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HIRING – Yuji’s from Japan

キツラノのお寿司屋Yuji’s form japan ではサーバーとキッチンシェフを募集しています。一緒に楽しく働きましょう! サーバー Hour: 4:30pm – 11:00pm (3 to 4 days a week) Requirement: Able to speak English Experience: 経験者優遇 Kitchen Chef Hour:Full time / Part time Requirement: Able to speak English and little Japanese Experience: minimum 3yrs experience Wage: 相談 LOOKING for  SERVER and KITCHEN CHEF in YUJI’s from Japan Server Hour: 4:30pm – […]

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KLIP Fashion: Live Fashion and Urban Way

    Name: Ester Occupation: Sales and Marketing Horoscope / Blood Type: Capricorn / O Hometown: Taichung, Taiwan Hobbies: Snowboarding, Wine & Food Tasting, Photoshooting, Styling Favorite Brand names: Gucci, Topman, Diesel Favorite Places: Whistler, Kelowna Favorite Food: Ramen, Sweets   Balancing work and life is not an easy thing. I’m trying my best to explore different hobbies to enrich my life. Snowboarding […]

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KLIP Editor’s Hot Items of the month

Hot Item #1     Les Merveilleuses Lauduree 花瓣腮红 /フェイス カラー ローズ ラデュレ 溶けあう色彩。咲きほこる表情美 一枚一枚ていねいに造りこまれた、花弁のフェイスカラー。 ふわりと舞い降りるかのような色づきで、表情にニュアンスを。 朝摘みのバラのごとく、甘く優雅な香りを添えて。 完美融合的色彩。綻放出美麗的表情。 一片一片精心製作成花瓣模樣的胭脂,配以甜美優雅如清晨摘採的玫瑰花的香味,輕柔又細緻地增艷臉部色彩       Hot Item #2 Jo Malone  限量版2015香水系列 / ジョー・マローン フレグランス2015限定版 ジェントルなピンクの春の香りシリーズ 主はフローラルの香り、桜や梅や金木犀など 青い空と白い雲 満開の花の香り あなたに香りとの恋物語を始めましょう 溫柔粉嫩的春天香氛系列 主打的是花香  其中有櫻花 梅花 和桂花 藍天白雲 盛開的花朵香 讓你展開一段香氛愛戀故事

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Restaurant X Super Star : Ryuu Izakaya

What’s your name? Jerry Where are you from? Hong Kong What is your position in the restaurant? Head Chef When are your working hours? Everyday What’s your blood type and horoscope? Virgo What’s your hobby? Cooking, Sports A short message to the readers? 每周都有不同种类的新鲜刺身,欢迎来本店品尝/ 每周有不同種類魚生供應,歡迎親臨本店品嚐 /We have different kinds of fresh fishes for sashimi every […]

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Nothern China’s Tradition: Shao Lin Noodle House

Writer I C TAMAOKI       Photographer | F CHOW ShaoLin is a great northern Chinese style hand crafted noodle house located on the busy street of West Broadway. They earned their great reputation by serving freshly handmade noodles right in front of the customers’ eyes. Some of the ones they serve include “Hand […]

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SWEETs For Spring Entertaining

Patissier FUMI Wedding Cake/ Birthday & Special Cake/ Dessert& Catering/ Bread The Award-Winning Pastry Chef “Fumiko Moreton” With more than 9 years’ experience working at a world-class private club as a top pastry chef, she has received many awards in competitions locally and internationally and she has won gold and silver medals in Culinary Olympics. […]

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